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At Orion’s Reverie, we are pleased to inform you that we are currently developing two games, namely: Keshtat, a Role Playing Game, & Arzu Venture, a Kemono Platform Game. Consequently, we are also in the process of developing a third game. The game involves completing a series of stages to move on with the story and reach the final stage. The stages will consist of puzzles you need to solve and enemies you to defeat. Come and take a peek at the plots of Keshtat & Arzu Venture.

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Keshtat, is a Qatari word for trip or travel. It tells a tale of friendship, disregarding the differences in culture and barriers of language. Each character has a story to tell and a reason for fighting. This game is set far into the future, in the year of 2098 where fully functional robots are already a reality. However, this success in technology turned into a downward spiral when AI’s (Artificial Intelligence, aka Robots), started an uprising against their makers. Join Saqr and his friends as they travel in the various locations in Qatar to end the AI’s rebellion and let peace prevail.

Arzu Venture

Arzu Venture

Meet Osku and Razi. They’ve been rivals since childhood. When the the village Elder of Sidus asked for two capable individuals to check out the cause of great disturbance in the 12 Shrines which is spiritually connected to the Stellar Guardians, they saw it s an opportunity to settle everything with them. Follow their story as it unravels in Arzu Venture, as they set out in the tale of adventure and rivalry.

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