About Orion's Reverie

As a creative team, Orion’s Reverie is passionate about our craft and we strive to get to ‎the core of every project. We always go out of our way to meet goals as well as surpass ‎expectations. We constantly challenge ourselves to leave a lasting impression in all of our ‎finished works. Our team can definitely bring out the best in you.‎

Our company was founded in 2016 in Doha, Qatar. We are a dedicated team of ‎experienced professionals in field of animation and game industries. Our artists have earned ‎accolades worldwide for their extraordinary skills and our lead members, as well as animators, ‎have a solid professional experience, equipped with top-notch qualifications.‎

Why choose us

With the advent of Technology comes the shift in ways to entertain ourselves in the 21st ‎century. This is where animated films and game development comes in. Whether old or young, ‎man or woman, you can instantly get hooked to these forms of entertainment. There are ample ‎benefits of these forms of entertainment, but the one that ranks first is its use in the field of ‎marketing. ‎

At Orion’s Reverie, we always surpass our clients’ expectation; delivering fresh insight in ‎how to tweak their promotional videos and make it go viral, how to make their games highly ‎addictive, etc. Aside from that, we also offer a lot of services related to illustration and designs ‎at a reasonable rate. We are the only company in the Middle East that creates animated films ‎for commercial or personal use. We have a team of experts that are highly efficient in their ‎field. Rest assured that we always deliver our services in a timely manner. Try our services ‎today and experience the difference!‎